Want to save 7% on your staff management costs? With Shopworks you can. Shopworks specialises in Workforce Management solutions for the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Service sectors.

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Time and Attendence

Facial recognition systems are the preferred method as an employee simply scans in when they arrive and leave. This technology ensures time and attendance is 100% accurate for all staff. Biometrics can help prevent issues such as early arrivals and departures, and overtime that has not been approved.


ShopWorks budgeting solution is the most advanced of its kind. By using a spreadsheet based system, finance directors are unaware of the spend versus budget on staff, until management accounts are published weeks later. Shopworks brings together data from each department, to ensure your business is running efficiently as possible.

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Staff Scheduling

The staff scheduling tool helps customers ensure they have the right people in the right place at the right time. Your team can use the simple drag and drop interface to create staff schedules and reduce the complexities of what can be a time-consuming task, which means no more spreadsheets. By working to pre-determined budgets, guaranteeing no employee will work over their legal limits.

Full Training

Shopworks includes an integrated e-learning suite, which ensures that all employees are up to date with any necessary training and have read and agreed to all policies before they can work a shift. Shopworks allows you to upload documents for improved training, new rules and regulations and any certifications or evidence required.

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Our team of experts will set up and configure the best solution for you by integrating Shopworks with other best-in-class systems like CRM, e-commerce, and payroll.

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As a Premier Shopworks Partner, we have been recognized for our proven methods for helping customers get the most out of Shopworks with the least disruption to their businesses.

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You are not just a customer, you are a partner, and we are committed to your success. Our collaborative support team understands how your unique solution is designed and works together to answer your questions quickly and accurately.


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